[21/100] - i'm so tired i can't sleep

i've been losing some momentum lately and i'm worried that it shows in my work so for the next few days i really want to commit to my ideas. i've been getting quite tired lately and sometimes you just wanna kick back or hang out with friends so i haven't really been devoting as much time to my work as i should.

some ideas i've been sitting on for one, two, and even three years are getting done soon. one of them is today's photo:

i might revisit this in the future but for today, this will do.

sleep is probably my own worst enemy. i never get quite enough and a few weeks ago, i got my first taste of a  good night's sleep. after about two weeks of good habits, i slipped back into my nightowl ways and i don't think i've ever felt so miserable. i'm trying to wind back the clock but between this project and trying to take care of myself, i have very, very little time for recreation.

this is also a bit of a nod to my last project, phobia, which was a 13 day project i did in 2015 leading up to Halloween. that was my longest undertaking and by the end of it, i was so sleep deprived and stressed out, on the last night of the project i had sleep paralysis and (pretty mild) night terrors. Definitely in keeping with the spirit of halloween!

[16/100] - sometimes i give my self the creeps

i thought the hardest part of this project was going to be finding the time to make a new photo every day. i had no idea that inspiration was going to be my biggest roadblock.

100 fresh ideas has been tough, let alone the 16 i've done up till now but it's nice to know i'm not the type of person to just cop out with a lazy portrait shot and call it a day. because that's almost how it went today! but i knew how dissatisfying it would feel so I tried again, and it's not perfect, but it came together in the end.

 sometimes i give my self the creeps, sometimes my mind plays tricks on me

[14/100] - "Wonder" Woman

I've been putting off this shoot since opening night of "Wonder Woman" for no other reason than there was no public area I cared to be walking around in a swimsuit in. But it's finally done! And I didn't even step on any hypodermic needles.

 "We don’t always get to be what we want to be"

"We don’t always get to be what we want to be"

I probably cried five times while watching the movie so I had to give it some sort of tribute. I'll probably wind up revisiting this concept.

Sameer saying "We don’t always get to be what we want to be" was probably the most relatable moment of the entire movie because this exact image immediately popped into my head. I don't remember the exact quote but it was something about how we aren't exactly what we want to be all the time. And I guess that's fine because you can't be on your A-game if you're always on your A-game. Super insightful, yeah?

day 8/100 - maladaptive daydreaming

I probably should've been blogging this project all along but it sometimes takes so long to put these photos together that i'd rather just go to bed afterward.

Speaking of bed, shot today's photo in my pajamas!

008 maladaptive daydreaming 1.jpg

I really wasn't at all feeling it today. I was debating just using some old photos to pull something together but it looked so nice outside and there was just enough time to go pull something great together. And I did!

Featuring my unicorn pillow pal and my unicorn sleeping shorts, because I'm an adult. I also got a chance to bust out my beautiful copy of Hans Christian Anderson's fairytales that I got at a thrift store.

I'm glad I did it too. The last few weeks, I've been feeling motivated like never before and a day where I don't shoot something new feels like a day wasted.

Anyway, as cute as this photo looks, it's actually the start of a little series titled "maladaptive daydreaming" that i'll be doing over time. I've always had a fairly disruptive habit of neglecting my day-to-day duties to daydream which I'm really trying to get a handle on. On the bright side, I never really get bored because I can entertain myself pretty well because of it, haha.