[21/100] - i'm so tired i can't sleep

i've been losing some momentum lately and i'm worried that it shows in my work so for the next few days i really want to commit to my ideas. i've been getting quite tired lately and sometimes you just wanna kick back or hang out with friends so i haven't really been devoting as much time to my work as i should.

some ideas i've been sitting on for one, two, and even three years are getting done soon. one of them is today's photo:

i might revisit this in the future but for today, this will do.

sleep is probably my own worst enemy. i never get quite enough and a few weeks ago, i got my first taste of a  good night's sleep. after about two weeks of good habits, i slipped back into my nightowl ways and i don't think i've ever felt so miserable. i'm trying to wind back the clock but between this project and trying to take care of myself, i have very, very little time for recreation.

this is also a bit of a nod to my last project, phobia, which was a 13 day project i did in 2015 leading up to Halloween. that was my longest undertaking and by the end of it, i was so sleep deprived and stressed out, on the last night of the project i had sleep paralysis and (pretty mild) night terrors. Definitely in keeping with the spirit of halloween!